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Welcome to Sinhala Online. Find your Sinhala words More than 200,000 words. Sinhala Online hopes to improve the use of Sinhala in millions of people by providing free digital services.

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Daham Pasal Final Certificate Examination – 2019 / 2020 (Instructions to fill Applications / Application).


G. C. E. (O/L) EXAMINATION – 2019 - Exam Calendar.

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Catholic Dharmacharya Certificate Examination - 2019 (Instructions to fill Applications / Application).


Welcome to Sinhalaonline.lk, Biggest Online Education Web Site in Sri Lanka. Sinhala Online Spell-checker for Sinhala is a free website which can be used to spell-check Sinhala texts written in Sinhala Unicode fonts. This does not support for Plain Sinhala fonts. You can correct spelling problems by including them in the search section. Please note that the wording here may not be correct because of technical flaws and the creators are not responsible for it. Read More

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